How to Build a Bay Window Seat With Storage


A bay window does not look complete without a window seat. And with that seat, an extra storage place within it makes it ideal for every home with children. You can build a bay window seat yourself and add a storage space to it very easily. Although it requires time and effort, you can create a personalized seat with the guide provided below.


Learn how to build a bay window seat with storage by following these instructions:



Things you will need

  • Drill
  • Plywood
  • Table saw
  • Trim nail gun
  • Sandpaper
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Wood putty
  • Silicone caulk
  • Wood screws
  • Nails
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Nail punch
  • Circular saw
  • Drill bits




  1. A bay window is not created in equal parts so you will first measure the sides of the walls around the bay window. You will then measure the angles of the walls. Standard angles are 135 degrees, but they may vary from house to house. Measure the depth of the seat then. You can use the sketch here as an examples of dimensions taken by us and calculated for a window seat according to our bay window. Create your own sketch of the dimensions you take out in a similar manner and also draw a sketch of the seat you will make next to it.


  1. You will now build the frame, as show in the picture, according to the dimensions you have drawn out. Use the stud finder and the level to set the surrounding panels of the seat around the wall. With the wood screws. attach the rest of the frame. Mitering is not needed on the corners. Create the front wall frame keeping it parallel with the back wall. Cut the top and bottom piece with a 45 degree angle to match the wall. In the end, you will have four front panels at the front wall. You will add 2 x 4’s to the side walls and add bracing for the top. Use wood screws for attaching them.


  1. You may install each board at the front individually, or set a single face frame for the seat. Build it according to your style and choice, and paint it.


  1. Cover the front of the seat with the face frame. Use nails to attach it to the frame. If there are any holes, use wood putty and then caulk the seams using silicone.


  1. Now you will build the top of the seat. You will need four pieces of 3/4 inch plywood with a 1 1/2 inch strip of trim for the front edge. Place two strips of wood vertically to hold the seat, and run one strip horizontally. Now cut a single large piece of the wood as the main seat according to your measurements. To attach it, use piano hinges, and make it like a lid.


  1. Run the sandpaper over the finished product and apply paint to complete it!

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Now sit by your newly built bay window seat to enjoy the views of your outdoor home. And when its time to remove the clutter, you have your storage place right below you!


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