Mascara was created to lure a man with the fluttering of the dark, lush eyelashes, because not many people are blessed with thick lases. But did you know you and naturally darken and thicken your eyelashes with a few simple nips and tricks? A mascara will temporarily make the eyes look beautiful, but why not go all natural by following these treatments to grow darker lashes!


Here are some easy remedies to make your eyelashes thick and dark:



Olive Oil:

With the help of a mascara brush, apply olive oil to your eyelashes every night.




Castor Oil:

Apply castor oil on your eyelashes every night and wash off in the morning. Apply with a lash brush carefully as the oil may sting the eyes.



Petroleum Jelly:

Rub a little petroleum jelly on your eyelashes before going to bed, and wash off in the morning. Repeat this 3 times a week.



Green Tea:

Green tea contains flavonoids that are good for eyelash growth. With a cotton ball, apply green tea over the lashes.



Brush :

Brush your eyelashes to stimulate hair growth.



Almond Oil and Egg Yolk:

Almond oil mixed with egg yolk is a great eyelash mask to increase lash length.

Balanced Diet:

Keep a balanced diet, and consume foods rich in antioxidants. Eat fish, eggs, yogurt, beans and fruits to enhance eyelash growth.



Massage with Coconut oil :

Massage the eyelashes with eyelash thickening serums or coconut oil.



Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is also a good remedy for long and thick eyelashes. With a clean mascara wand, apply fresh aloe vera gel on the lashes before going to bed. You can also mix jojoba oil in it.


Leave them Natural:

Remove all traces of makeup before going to bed every night and avoid wearing false eyelashes as they tear off eyelashes upon removal.