Jean jackets are timeless wardrobe staples. These classic wardrobe items look good over anything your wear. You can decorate an old jean jacket that may look outdated and renew its look in a jiffy.


Here is how you can decorate a jean jacket:


  • Look for patches that you can stitch onto your denim jacket. Visit stores that sell band merchandise for famous bands patches, or you can look at army souvenir shops to find cloth badges.


  • You can also buy fabric paint and paint on your jacket. Fabric paints are cheap and can be found in all colors. Brush paint any symbols and signs on your jacket, or write a quote on it. Remember to put a piece of cardboard in between the jacket when you paint so that it doesn’t seep through to its other parts.


  • You can even use spray paint on a denim jacket. Use a stencil to spray words on it. Again, you will have to place a piece of cardboard to protect seepage of the paint to other parts.


  • Use old clothes for decoration. You can cut shapes or even words out of the clothes and sew them onto your jacket. Nice prints can be cut randomly and sown onto the jacket too.


  • With the help of a glue gun, glue rhinestones on the jacket’s cuff or pockets.


  • If you are good with embroidery, embroider different lines or patterns on the jacket. You can create flower vines, lines, and even symbols.