Tiki bars make the cutest corner settings for summer parties, as they call out “aloha” to the guests. Add your summer drinks and food to it so the crowd can enjoy their time with savories as well. Here are some ways to decorate a tiki bar at your upcoming party:


  • Use a table or shelf lying in your house, and place a tablecloth in bright colors on top of it.


  • Attach an adult-sized hula skirt around the table. Attach with push pins to the underside of the tabletop.


  • Glue different luau flowers made from colored chart paper to the skirt.


  • With the help of some scrap wood, make the thatched roof now. Take two 4.5 feet sticks, and two 3.5 feet sticks that are cut at a 45 degree angle. Cut two 13 inches pieces of wood too.


  • Glue and crew the pieces together.


  • Paint the frame in a bright color.


  • Attach a bamboo with jute twine to the roof.


  • Use a large cardboard box and duct tape to the roof.


  • Use a child hula skirt (available at costume stores) for the thatched roof. Tape it to the cardboard of the roof.


  • Add some fairy lights to the roof and a fun beach backdrop behind the bar for the perfect setting.