Tissue paper flowers are beautiful decoration items for any type of event. They can turn a simple site into something colorful and bright and bring an adorable look to the entire set-up. You can use them on almost any theme-styled parties too. They are simple and quick to make, and they are extremely inexpensive! Here’s a DIY step-by-step tutorial on how to make tissue paper flowers for your party planning.


Things you will need:


  1. 12 sheets of tissue paper, with the dimensions 13 x 20 (for a single flower) of any one color you want;
  2. A pair of sharp scissors;
  3. Floral wire;
  4. Fabric leaves (or you can use paper leaves).


What to do:


  • Stack all 12 of the tissue papers together and fold them in an accordion style. Make sure you crease with each fold.


  • Cut a rounded edge at both the ends of the folded tissue paper.


  • Hold the folded tissue together and by folding the floral wire in half, slip it over them. Now, twist the wire tightly.


  • Separate each layer of tissue, and fluff them. Start from one side, and then move on to the next side. While fluffing, place your thumb in the center to create a small space there.


  • Make sure the backside of the tissue flowers are kept flat. Hold the fabric leaves next to them and attach them to the wire.


Your tissue paper flowers are now ready to be hung by the wall or from the ceiling! Use a variety of colors for every flower you make to make the party more colorful.