Football has become the most watched sport from around the world. The popular sport among people of all ages has turned into more than a game for its fans and with the international teams and international tournaments, various football playing nations have emerged, with leagues and clubs from a certain country playing against one another. These form clubs of football and comprise of prominent football players from that country. A few clubs in London have gained immense status and respect, and the list of these clubs is given below:


ChelseaPremier League Football Clubs in London

Although it is not based in Chelsea, the Chelsea club has been based in West London for decades now. The club is based in the south-west part of London, and it is one of the most successful clubs of the English premier league. Founded in 1905, the club grew popular within the century, and marked zenith wins during the 2000s. Some of the Chelsea club’s wins include the Premier League, the FA Cup, the League Cup, the UEFA Europe League, and the Champions League of football.



Being the most followed club of London, Arsenal has won a number of titles, as it set a record of 49 successive wins in the years 2003 and 2004. The club was founded in 1886, and it won the Premier League title along with the FA Cup Wins. Although there have been no recent wins by the Arsenal club, the club rose to stardom in the FA Cup this year.



 Crystal Palace F.C.

Based in South Norwood, London, and founded in 1905, this football club is in the top tier of English football. The club was promoted in 2013, and has become a part of the top flight. Although the club has not won any major trophy, they are still a prominent club in London.



Tottenham Hotspur

This club is based in northern London, and is a successful club since it won 8 football association titles cups. They also won the Korean peace cup. In the past, they were the first English club to win the major European trophy, along with gaining a double win at the FA Cup and League in the same season.



Fulham F.C.

Known for producing major international football players for the England national team, Fulham is marked as the oldest club of the country. The club was founded in 1879, and play in the Championship, which is the second tier of the English football. They have spent 25 seasons playing in the English footballs’ top division. The club is very popular as it has produced several great players, including Bobby Robson, Alan Mullery, Johnny Haynesm and George Cohen.



West Ham United Football Club

West Han has rained many great players as it is also an academy for players. Founded in 1885, the club has not won major trophies, but have been an East End institution for quite long. The Hammer’s fans are the most dedicated lot of the country.




Queens Park Rangers

Th Queens Park Rangers club is also known as the QPR, and it is based in White City, London. They have been the champions of the 2010 and 2011 football league. The club grew in popularity, however, long before, when they won the League Cup back in 1967, and later the Championship in 1983 and 2011. The QPR club was founded in 1886, when the Christchurch Rangers and St. Judes Institute merged.


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