If you want to get some attention on your hands, you should try making them colorful and vibrant. For that, you may like the water marble nail technique, which has become very popular among ladies at the moment. In this technique, a single nail can be coated with an array of different colors, swirled around like the cracks in a marble!


Making marbled nails is simple, and you can easily do it at home. Follow the steps below to create this striking design on your nails:


Things you will need

  • A container (or bowl) filled with water
  • Nail polishes of your choice
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • Nail polish remover
  • Sticky tape
  • Tooth picks
  • Cotton swabs
  • Rag cloth or old towel
  • Tissues
  • Scissors



  1. Put sticky tape around your nail and cuticles, ensuring the tape does not touch the nail. Wrap around to cover an inch of your finger.


  1. Paint your nail with a clear or transparent base coat. Let it dry.


  1. Paint your nail with a light color. Let this dry and set.


  1. In the water bowl, drip a drop of different colored nail polishes. Start by one color, and let it spread. Then add the other, and let it spread. Continue with two or three more colors if you want.


  1. With a toothpick, blend the colors gently. Make light swirls to create a marble look. Ensure that the toothpick does not touch only the nail polish, but the water.


  1. Dip the finger in the water where the pattern is made, and keep it at a 45 degree angle. Dip it lightly so that the nail touches only the surface.


  1. Remove the tape from the fingers once the nails are completely dry.


  1. Clean any nail polish that has seeped in over the skin by dipping a cotton swab into the nail polish remover.



  1. Apply the top coat. Let it set and dry.


  1. Show off your cool nails!