Pure maple syrup is made with a lot of hard work. Maple trees are attached with taps and their sap drips into buckets then. The water that comes along with the sap needs to be removed through boiling and evaporating. For this, an evaporator, or an arch, is needed, in which a heat source is fixed under a container filled with sap. This sap is boiled this way and the water is removed.


If you plan on making pure maple syrup at home, you need an evaporator and here is a guide on how you can make one at home:


  • Cut a 55-gallon drum vertically in half. Lay one half on one side and attach legs to it. Build a fire in this drum, and place a large pan of sap on top of it. Place a chimney at the end of the drum.wetwrtwrtwr


  • You can also make an arch by wielding steel sheets together. The pan for vaporization can be made at home, or bought at a hardware store, which are 4 feet in width and 10 feet in length. A chimney will have to be attached to the arch.


  • The pan for the evaporator must be flat bottomed.


  • Always use wood for heating a homemade arch.