Valentine Day Gifts for wife

Valentine Day gifts for wife is the most loved time of the year, but for some men, it can be dooms day when they are clueless about what to get the lady. Exchanging gifts on Valentine’s day is a tradition and compulsion by wives, making it stressful for men on how to swoon them. For most men, buying gifts is a difficult task and they remain quite allergic to shopping. And if you are one of them, we have made a list on some great picks to get your wife this Valentine’s.


Flowers & Chocolates

No woman can hate flowers or refuse chocolates! Flowers actually makes Valentine’s day complete, so get a nice bouquet delivered from an online store and add more sweetness with a box of chocolates.


Because she is your wife, you can spoil her with some more jewelry! Valentine’s day offers in jewelry stores are endless, with discounts of genuine stones embedded in gold or silver rings, pendants, or earrings.

Love Tokens

Make a small box with tokens of things you will do for her on this day: breakfast in bed, a nice bath together, a foot massage, a nice dinner followed by a movie.

Sexy Lingerie

Get her in the mood by setting a tiny piece of lingerie in a gift bag so she can wear it instead of the pjs on this day.

Weekend Getaway

Plan a weekend at a hotel at a romantic destination to have your “us-time” with your wife. They will enjoy the break from the kitchen and home chores and get to be pampered with the hotel services.

Framed Photographs

Nothing will spell out “I Love You” more than a picture of the two of you together with a personalized message carved into the frame.


Go simple with a nice perfume that’s a newest addition to the fragrance store. Every woman loves to smell good, so you will win her over no matter what with this gift. There are usually perfume gift sets available on good deals on Valentine’s day.


If your wife works and is organized, she may enjoy keeping a new watch around her wrist. You can add an engraved message on the back of the dial to make it more special.

Handbag or Shoes

Your wife may be in love with a particular handbag or shoes at the mall and may be waiting for the right sale to buy it from. Surprise her by getting that.


Get her a nice dress, or a cardigan she may like or be in need of.

Take her to the store to choose herself, or better, get her something you see is missing in her wardrobe. The thought of fulfilling her needs is what swoon women over.

Personalized Mugs

It may sound cliché, but you are old-school for her anyway. Get a mug for her morning coffee with a note to remind her you are right there with her to start her day.

Romantic Dinner

Take her out for a special dinner on top of the highest building of the city. Add candles to the table to make the night more special.



Your wife may love some new lip colors, or blushes for herself. Head to the beauty store and find anything you think your wife loves; from eye shades, to mascaras and lip glosses, there is plenty to choose from.


Scented Candles

Any woman will know why they are being given a scented candle. Get her one to set the aroma of the room right!


Spa Day

Send your wife to the spa to let her enjoy a day of massages, facials, and feet pampering. Let her know she should relax and enjoy her day.


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