A leave letter is important in building a bridge between you and your boss as you part from the office for a few days. This letter is a formal request to the boss or manager on asking for a few days off from work for an important situation.


Here is a sample on how unpaid leave letters are written:



Victoria Richmond

239 London Avenue, Los Angeles, California



July 10, 2010



Donald Clint

Stock Manager North California

HGA Widgets

124 Profit St., Los Angeles, California


Subject: Unpaid Leave Request


Dear Mr. Clint,

I humbly and regretfully request a 12-day leave from the office, starting from July 20 to August 1. As you already know, I moved to California from New Orleans last month, and I still need to bring my belongings from my old home.

I am aware that the company’s policy does not grant leaves so soon, but the tenant of my house in New Orleans needs me to evacuate as soon as possible. The urgency of my situation has brought me to verge to bequest a leave from the office without pay for the aforementioned duration.

My team partner, Jenny Goldman, will be over viewing the tasks I am working on while I am away. I will keep in touch with her via email and phone to stay informed on the project.

I hope you will understandably consider my request for leave and grant me to take some time off to manage my personal affairs.



(Your Signature)

Victoria Richmond