A business proposal is the most important document for your business, as it can make or break your future clienteles. Therefore, writing a good business proposal requires a forward stance with a manner of professionalism. To master the art of writing a business proposal, follow these steps, and build a strong relationship with your customers.


Step 1: Study your customer’s requirements. Speak to your clients, gather surveys, and check the market so that you understand the clients needs that will make the objective of your business. Your goal should match their needs, and your business should be able to cover it with their resources and expertise.  If you can proceed, begin preparing the proposal.


Step 2: Create the outline of your project. Focus on the answers to these questions: who, what, where, when, why, and how. The answers to these will form the bulk or main body of your proposal.


Step 3: Estimate the labor and costs. By doing so, you will know the estimate of how much you will charge your clients.


Step 4: Start writing the proposal in this sequence:


  • Section 1 – Introduction

In this section, you will cover the information about your company and your mission in perspective of the client’s needs. Make your client trust you with a good sounding basis of your company and highlight the prominent features it has.


  • Section 2 – Executive Summary

In this part, you have to bring forth your case of why your company is the right choice for the client. Summarize the basis of the proposal in this part and use facts to give a stronger footing.


  • Section 3 – Table of Contents

This will contain the chapter and page numbers of your proposal.


  • Section 4 – Body

This contains all the specifics of your proposal, covering all the questions of who, what, when, where, why and how.


  • Section 5 – Conclusion

This part will emphasize on the results your company will produce and encourage the client to choose your company for that reason.