Winters are just around the corner and you need to have everything to make sure that the heater works effectively ad no wind come inside. Windows are the main culprits as they bring in cold inside your place. This is why you should apply an insulating film. The good thing is that you can do it by yourself within no time.


The insulating film upon which we are going to focus on in this article is the heat shrink film. This film is stretched across the window in such a manner that it affects the convection of air on the window, whether it is cold or warm.


Step 1

Once you have applied this film, you should keep in mind that you will not be able to open that window again without removing it thus, it is advisable that you keep one of your kitchen windows insulation free. You should also leave a window open at each ends of your house for cross ventilation.

Step 2

Prepare your windows for insulation. You should get all your windows insulated together. Clean the windows and remove any dust which might be accumulated on the glass as well as on the stash. If there are window blinds installed, clean them with the help of the vacuum cleaner as well.

Step 3

Open the box containing the film carefully. You need to take the tape out at first. Stick a small piece of it on the window for testing. If the tape easily gets off, it means that the window is greasy. Clean it again. Now apply the tape on the window by starting with the frame. While applying the tape, make sure that you don’t touch it accidentally.

Step 4

Apply pressure on the tape for rubbing it down.hqdefault

Step 5

It’s time to unpack the film now. Make sure that it doesn’t touch any dirty surface as otherwise it will turn greasy.

Step 6

Decide the best way of putting the film on the tape. Once you have decided, simply apply the film on the tape while smoothing it down simultaneously. An important tip is that if the film catches dust, paste the opposite side on the tape. Once you have installed the whole film, take a kitchen towel and use it to apply pressure on the film to smoothen it down.