If your battery is old, or its too cold, your car may simply refuse to turn on. You will have to jump start a car to get it to run. This is usually done by connecting the car to a running car’s battery and transferring some energy to it. If you don’t have cables around, there are ways to jump a car battery and get it back to its old functioning self. This guide will teach you how to jump a car batter without cables.


  1. Set the car on neutral and shift to neutral.


  1. Push the car to a slop or on top of a hill.


  1. Find a friend or person nearby to help you push the car while you sit inside to maneuver it.


  1. As they push, depress the clutch.


  1. Put the car in second gear.


  1. Now, turn on the ignition but do not turn on the engine.


  1. Let go of the brake while keeping the clutch pressed. You will go down the hill now as the person behind is pushing the car.


  1. Release the clutch quickly then as the speed reaches 5mph. The engine will turn on and start. If it doesn’t, depress and release the clutch once again.