Riding an untrained horse is dangerous, but yet, exciting for many enthusiasts. These horses are called Broncos and they tend to buck about wildly, hence termed as bucking broncos then. To ride a bucking bronco, a lot of skill and practice is needed. The right way to ride a bucking bronco is:


  • Have the right gears for the horse, which includes a saddle without a horn and have free stirrups. You will also need hack reins, which should be braided. Fix the reins to the halter around the horse’s mouth.


  • Learnt he rules of riding a Bronco and the Scoring System to it for rodeos. Visit the website for the Wisconsin Rodeo Cowboys Association, and read all the rules.


  • Now saddle the bronco as it is in the chute, and cinch it on tightly so that the saddle does not slip off as you ride it.


  • Rub dry rosin on your hands to help you grip the reins when your ride the bronco.


  • Hold onto the bronco and sit on it. Begin riding and keep your balance. If you feel like you can not balance any longer, signal the pick-up man.