Being a knight in the old times was like a soldier who fought with enemies of their leaders on horsebacks with swords in their hands. The birth of knighthood is believed to be dated back to the Ordem Equestre, where horse ridden nobles of the ancient Rome appeared for fighting wars for their lords. Historically, knighthood was earned by a selected few, and overtime, new ways emerged to gain knighthood in kingdoms.


Becoming a knight in the medieval times

  • Becoming a knight was restricted for noble class only. Nobility was gained by birth or by performing an extraordinary service for the king.


  • Only males could earn the title of knighthood.


  • When a male child was born, they were taught manners of a knight at home by his parents. With stories and wooden swords, their dreams were set to become a knight.


  • At the age of 7, the boy would be send to the castles and homes of the wealthy lords to embark on the journey of becoming a knight. Till the boy reached 14, the boy was entitled as “Medieval Page”. The boy was parted with education, along with household duties like serving as a waiter or busboy. They were introduced to physical activities in hunting.


  • When he turned 14, the boy became the “Apprentice Knight” or “Squires” in the kingdom. Till the age of 21, he was trained with weapons, horse riding, two-handed sword skill, battle axe. dagger, lance, and mace holding. Code of chivalry was taught to him along with music and dancing, and withstanding extreme temperatures with bravery.


  • Once he showed he was worthy, he was entitled as a knight after the age of 21.


Becoming a knight in modern times

  • Knighthood in the British Empire is now given for outstanding achievement in a field of endeavor. This can be business related, or industry, religion, sciences, entertainment, or education.


  • You can be a knight or dame, meaning there is now no sexual orientation for knighthood.


  • You must be a citizen of the United Kingdom to be a knight or dame.


  • The title can be earned with a life achievement.


  • Through religious or civic organizations, knighthood may be earned after completing various services.