Making hairstyles is very simple and does not need much skill. All you need are the right hairstyling products – a thin comb, hairspray, a few rubber bands, and hair pins.

Here are some easy-to-do and cute hairstyles to try at home:


French Twist



The French twist is a classic hairstyle that looks great on every occasion. Copy the above pictorial and make a messy twist to look sexy and chic.









Swirled Bun


This hairstyle is super easy, and needs your hair to be straightened first.










Wedding Hairstyle



Make this hairstyle on a wedding or prom to look classy and elegant. Click here to see more wedding hairstyles. Add flowers to this hairstyle for the big day by following the guide here.






Twisted Pony



This is an old and simple hairstyle that can be worn to work or school for all ages.






Fishtail Pony


Have a bad hair day? Just make a ponytail and add a braid to it to spice up your look.


Easy Chignon



This is a pretty and simple hairstyle to make for any occasion. You need a simple few minutes to make it!








Side-Braid Hunny Bun


Add a side bride to a neatly swept and shaped bun. This hairstyle looks cute with dresses. remember to spritz some hairspray at the end to make the hairstyle last all day long.









The braided bun makes any girl look like a princess at a ball.






Simple French Braid


French braids look neat and regal. It is also very simple to make and barely takes five minutes to make!






Messy High-Bun




If you didn’t get time to wash or comb your hair, make this hairdo and look chic on the street.









Classy Low-Bun


This hairstyle is excellent for formal occasions, as it brings out sophistication to the next level.








Finger Wave


Look like a Hollywood actress from the 50s with this hairstyle. Follow the pictorial, or click here for detailed instructions.






Sleek Vixen Hair


This flawless and classy hairstyle can easily be accomplished with this pictorial.







Bandana Hairstyle


Stay simple and sexy with this chic look.



Braided Tiara Hairstyle




You can make this hairstyle on a wedding or formal dinner.











Hunny Bun


Ever tried making the perfect hunny bun? See the pictorial below and learn the simplest way to make it.









Bow Hairdo


This hairdo looks cute on all ages.










Braid Upside Down

Ever mixed two hairstyles the other way around? Try it and accomplish a cute look for the summer.


Princess Elsa




Let it all go, and make this braid to freeze onlookers stares.