Every person lives a life with struggles and trials, and end with a rewarding experience from it. Telling such a story can actually sell, but only if you know how to put it down in good wordings. Writing your own story is what is known as an autobiography, and you must remember, that the biography isn’t about you but about what you have done in life. A big career or business isn’t what is worth reading, it is a small or major achievement in life you made that can inspire someone. You can also write an autobiography about a famous person, which can sell more as they will have a fan-base.


The key to writing a selling autobiography is finding the market you will sell the book to. You have to find an agent to sell your book to, then a publisher, and finally your audience. But your first step is to identify the people who will buy your book and then you will allow your market’s interest to your writing. Your book will say the story the people like you need to know to relate to and learn from.


Map Out Your Life

Make a timeline of your life and include all dates and events. Begin with your childhood, and gradually build your story into the culture or family background you have. Describe how the events around you made you into the person you became. Talk about your education and relationships as you were growing. You are the protagonist of your story, keep your story strong.


Draw Out the Main Characters

Your story must have interesting characters or friends that changed your life. These can be your loved ones, or people who turned into your foes. Your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend can be one of these, or your mentors. You can show how people hurt you and that made you stronger.


Write In Your Voice

Your story will be read by those looking for insight about their similar situation with you. You have to be authentic for this reason and make your audience engaged. Keep your writing easy and casual, and write as if you are opening your heart . Write in your personality and don’t hold back.


Creating a Central Conflict

Set one main obstacle of your life that became a life turner for you. Build a climax around it, with tension and suspense. Leave the climax with a resolution then.


Make Chapters and Edit

Divide the story into chapters, as chapters will break down your story. Set chapter on poignant or suspenseful parts. Edit all your writing, check the dates and names right.


Share the Book with Friends

Take ideas from friends about your autobiography. Read your story to them and get their opinion about the biography.


Hire a Copy Editor and Set a Title

A copy editor is needed for book publishing. A copy editor will check your book and add or subtract events they may need to so that your book is more interesting. Such professionals polish up your writing and story. You will then make a title for your book.



Publishing Your Story

First, try to publish your book on your own. Get your writing designed and printed to circulate around your loved ones. You can also research for a literary agent and submit a query letter for yourself. Send your information  to them along with your book and target market. Give samples to the agents and sign a contract with the agent. You can also publish your book online. Since there are no restrictions on territory on the Internet, your book can be purchased and read all over the world. Look for online publishers and submit a query letter to them. Wait for their approval and get your book published online. Your book will appear on Amazon and other online bookstores.