Leases are made when one rents a property from a landlord. A lease agreement is a contract between the landlord and the tenant with a set of terms based over an amount of time, usually a year. These lease terms are contractual obligations that have been agreed upon when the paperwork is signed, and these obligations remain confined over the tenant and landlord till the time specified in the contract. With time, you may need to make amends to the terms of the lease. Although the procedure of making these changes is complicate as there are various rules and regulations to take into consideration, it is not impossible if both parties are in agreement of the change.


Who can make the changes of the terms in the lease?

The landlord or the tenant can propose the changes of the lease. Both parties must agree to the changes and sign off the new amended lease. Only when the lease is signed can it be enforceable.


What changes to the terms of the lease can be made?

The changes need to be legal under the local or state laws. Any change that prohibits the legal rights of a tenant or a landlord are prohibited. For example, rents by the landlord can be raised, but repair costs cannot be added to the new lease. Most tenants request changes in the lease made for pets. Changes are requested for permission of pets on the lease. Another change can be a change in the list of tenants on the lease as usually, a lease included names of people allowed to live in the unit.


When can the changes be made?

Changing a lease is very difficult as both parties have to agree to the terms changed. This makes changing leases possible between terms, where sometimes landlords will increase rents.


How do you modify the lease?

If you are a tenant and want to modify the lease, you will first look for a copy of the lease and plan out which terms are needed to be amended. Your landlord may not agree to the changes you wish to make so think of ways to make them compromise, like terms they may wish to add from their side. You must propose terms that benefit both parties. When you both agree to the modification, make it in writing and sign it with the date mentioned on it.

If you are a landlord and want to modify the lease, you will have to make the tenant agree to the changes first. This is legally necessary, and the terms must benefit both ends and not evade legal rights of the tenants.