A no trespass letter is sent to a person who you wish to forbid from entering your property. No matter what the reason may be for sending the letter, if you lawfully own the property, you have the right to deny access to any individual and take legal action if your order is not followed. This guide will aid you in writing a no trespassing letter easily:


Format of the Letter

  • Visit the local police department first to show your letter.
  • Understand the laws before you write the letter.
  • Keep the letter factual and official.
  • Identify the person and your property clearly.
  • Mention the law ruling out their entry in your property.
  • Send them the letter through registered mail.
  • Send a copy to the police as well.





To: Anthony Markell

From: David Croon

Date: 6/5/2010


This letter is being sent to you, Anthony Markell,  as an official notice for being prevented from entering the property on 87 Hukberry Street, Staten Island, New York.


I, David Croon, have taken this legal step as I am the lawful owner of the property you have trespassed several times during the past 4 months. I now forbid you from entering these premises given on the address above.


Any failure to comply to my notice will be taken into courts under legal action. This will include an arrest and a fine of $200 or 20 days imprisonment.


You can refer to section 192 of the NTP Act of 1981, in which it clearly states that any person forbidden by the lawful owner of a property to enter their premises is liable for arrest or fine by the courts.


A copy of this letter is sent to the local police station for record.


Signed: David Croon

Dated: 6/5/2010