Working women may need time off from work when they are expecting during the months of delivery. A pregnant employee has the full right to take a maternity leave of up to 17 weeks (or more) of unpaid time from work. Birth mothers are permitted to extend their leave to even up to 35 weeks. Taking time off is not just needed for the due months, but also for health recovery and giving time to the newly born. To notify about your absence in the office to your employer prior to the delivery month, you will have to write a letter when your pregnancy is confirmed so that you can get off from work a few weeks before delivery. This letter outlines your absence from work to focus on your pregnancy and delivery, and also the time you will be away to take care of the baby. An extension can later be requested by sending a Maternity Leave Extension Letter to the office from the expecting mother.

This guide will show you how to write a pregnancy leave letter.

Format of the LetterPregnancy Leave Letter

  • Inform about your pregnancy clearly and mention the due date.
  • Specify how many months you will be out of the office for the baby.
  • You can add your medical records and doctor’s recommendations to support your leave request.
  • Ensure you will return and not let work be affected during your absence.
  • Give your contact details for staying in touch with the office when needed.
  • Mention the fact of accessing an extension of leave if needed for any health complications of yourself or the baby.




 Below is a pregnancy leave letter sample to help you write your own letter.



Elizabeth Sullivan

66 Avenue Block

Houston, TX 87543

Cell: (6458)-756-433



 July 15, 2010


James Todd

HR Manager

Delta Associates Delivery Services

876 Broadway Street

Houston, TX 97364


Subject: Pregnancy Leave Letter


Dear  Mr. Todd,

Please accept this letter as my formal notice of absence from the office in two months due to my pregnancy. I wish to commence my pregnancy/maternity leave from September 15, 2010, and depart till January 15, 2011. I have attached my hospital records with this letter to confirm of my delivery dates and pregnancy status.


I will ensure that all the work is completed before my leave, and the records will be updated and sent to you two weeks prior my leave. I will delegate most of my responsibilities to Mrs. Natasha Hobbs (Assistant Supervisor) for your convenience. She is well-trained in the project we were working on together, and I have handed over all the data files to her for her help. Feel free to contact me during my leave if there are any queries or if you need any help for the transition of work. My contacts are: 

Cell: (6458)-756-433



As required by law, I have attached a statuary declaration of my maternity leave. If by any reason my plans change, I will immediately inform you. Thank you in advance to allow me this time off from work and let me take care of my health while I bond with my baby and adjust to motherhood.


Thank you for your support and understanding.


Kind regards,


Elizabeth Sullivan

 Assistant Director

Delta Associates Delivery Services



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