Events are hosted by various institutes and businesses to bond people and build a network. There are charity events, formal dinners, ceremonies with awards, and get-togethers in professional lives. After announcing an event on a particular date, there may come a time when the plan may need to be changed or cancelled. When this arises, a notification via a letter has to be sent around the institute to inform everyone about the change of decision. This is called an even cancellation letter.


To write an event cancellation letter, simply look at these instructions and sample below:


Format of the Letter

  • The letter will apologize for the event cancellation.
  • It will remain concise and professional.
  • Explain the reason of cancellation.
  • Share a tentative date for the rescheduled event.





Mr. Justin Snow,

Media Officer,

Penguin and Bird Books Company,

Antwin Entertainment Center,

New York, NY 875353


December 14, 2010



Mr. Bruce Smith,

New York, NY 947465


Dear Mr. Bruce,

I write to regretfully inform you about the New Year’s Ball being held by our company at the Amp Theatre this year will be cancelled. The recent forecast on a strong snowstorm on New Year’s Eve has been announced, and all roads will be blocked due to the weather. This left us with no choice but to cancel the even for this year.


As you know, Penguin and Bird Books Company has been active in celebrating the New Year with fellow publication dealers and companies. We enjoy connecting people together on this wonderful time of the year.


We deeply apologize for any inconvenience, and we hope you understand the situation. We look forward to celebrating the Easter event next and will send you the invitation for it by March.


Thanking you for your support and wishing you a blessed new year ahead.



Justin Snow