To cancel an insurance policy, you have to send an insurance cancellation letter to the insurance company. Although most insurance companies do not impose any strict restrictions on cancelling an insurance, it is appropriate to send a let to them to inform the discontinuation of payment premiums to them.




To right an insurance cancellation letter, follow the sample below:


Henry Morgan

Finance Manager

Cancellation Department

Hud Insurance Company

8976 Fifth Ave.

Sunnyvale, CA


Date: 1 June, 2010


Subject: Policy Number: #958577 Cancellation


Dear Mr. Morgan,

I write this letter to request the cancellation of my insurance policy on the above number that I have with your company since 12 June, 2000. I wish the cancellation to take effect by 1 July, 2010. I would deeply appreciate a premium balance to be sent to my address as well of the policy mentioned. I will no longer authorize your company to commence any further premiums by my bank.


I request to be sent a written confirmation of the cancellation of the insurance policy by a month. Please feel free to contact me for any queries on my contact number (767) 2653-2836. Please notify me if more paperwork is needed on my behalf.




Tim Hanks

487 First Ave

Sunnyvale, CA