Creating sculptures is an interesting hobby for people of all ages. To learn how to begin making carvings, you should start practicing carving on soap. Soap carvings are simpler to make than carving on wood or other textures, and it serves as an excellent medium to improve your skills at forming shapes of your desire. You will also sharpen your artistic skills and learn to form shapes of your choice. You can change a small bar of soap into any shape you wish to, and this can turn into a fun activity to do with your children, who can learn from this educational experience too.

After carving the soap, you have to preserve your creation. This is because the soap figurine made can get scathed or lose its shape if water touches it. Therefore, once you create your soap sculpture, you must preserve it by using polish or wax over it.



The above tutorial is a step-by-step demonstration on how soap a soap carving can be saved to last a lifetime. Learn how to carve and preserve your soap cravings with the help of this guide below:


Things you will needsoap carvings

  • Soap bar
  • Carving knife or paring knife
  • Old newspapers
  • Sponge
  • Marker
  • Toothpicks or wood stick
  • Renaissance wax (as polish)




  1. Choose a soap bar of your choice that you will carve. It can be a scented soap or a regular soap, in any shape or size of your choice. You can choose a colored soap or a plain white one. It mainly depends on what you will be carving and your preference.

  1. For a child, use a butter knife for carving instead of a carving knife. They can even use plastic knives for carving as soaps are very easy to cut.

  1. Spread a newspaper on your worktable, so that the scathes of soap that will shred will make a mess.

  1. Remove the brand name from the soap bar, if it has one engraved on it. Do this by using a sponge and water to rub it off.

  1. When the soap is fully dry, draw an outline of the shape or design you wish to carve into the soap with the marker.

  1. Use your knife to cut out the shape you have drawn on the soap bar. This cutting can be roughly done as working too fast may make the soap crumble. Cut off the edges around the line and make a shape of the design. Work on the soap bar as you would on a potato.

  1. For detailed work and making the shape more neat, use toothpicks or an orange wood stick to implement and scrape the soap in detail.

  1. Once you have the desired shape or figure, scrape off the small pieces off of the carved soap and clean it with a clean and dry cloth properly.
  2. To preserve the soap carving, rub polish over the soap bar (we used Renaissance wax), and buff it with a rag by hand.
  3. Let the soap carving’s polish dry overnight. It is now preserved for a lifetime! You can present it as a gift or display your work in your home.


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