If you are getting bored with your monotonous and mundane life and need to bring a change like Eat, Pray, Love, choose a destination to head out to and bring a change in your life. Travelling can open the mind and soothe the soul like meditation. Seeing diverse culture, exotic natural habitats, and meeting different people from around the globe can impact your life for the better.


We have searched here the top 10 (in random order) life altering travel experiences that will make you appreciate the planet and the life you have on it.


The Northern Lights – Svalbard, Norway


The magnificent phenomenon of the northern lights is worth a trip to Norway. Witnessing the light show offered by mother nature is stunning on this Arctic archipelago, exactly where the mountains meet the very massive glaciers. But this isn’t the only thing the place offers, as you can enjoy the incredible wildlife, including the polar bear natural habitats during the winters of this wonderland. The best months to visit are between September, to March.





The Ganges – Varanasi, India


Visit the holy city of India, Varanasi, to see thousands of people descend the gnats to take a cleansing dip in the sacred river of Ganges every day. You can also sail down the river and see the various meditation camps around the banks. Visit during November to March to bask in all the strange religious deities of this part of Asia.





The Grand Canyon – Arizona, USA


Set your plans for one of the seven wonders of the world, and take a trip down to Arizona to see the mesmerizing Grand Canyon. You will be reminded of the strength and glory of nature here. The best months to visit are between March and May, when the temperatures are mild enough to sit out for the views.





Temples of Calm – Kyoto, Japan

Stepping into Japan from an airport will make you feel like you have entered a new world of high technology, with the high-speed trains and LED-lit bright streets. But setting into Kyoto is another spell-bounding experience, as it carries the old imperial capital of the temples and pagodas of Japanese dynasties. Stroll along the Philosopher’s Path with dozens of cherry trees lined along the shrines and temples of old times. The Zen temples like Shunkoin are best to meditate in.




The Great Wall of China – Huairou, China



A walk on the Silk Trail will leave you mesmerized for days with the triumph of engineering it is built with. It provides a direct link to the past of China and gives captivating sites for all visitors.



The Nile – Egypt


Egypt has many attractions for the tourists, which makes it an amazing experience for all. Sail around the Nile to feel the oldest and most historical cultures of the Middle East, or take a hot air balloon over the Valley of the Kings. The pyramids and tombs won’t be your only favorites of this place.





The Chemins des Vignes – Martigny, Switzerland


The 4-mile hike through the glorious villages and vineyards in this cozy part of Switzerland relaxes every lost soul. Take a bike around the town, or a tour on the train. You will find lines of grapes, tiny villages, and a medieval castle, La Batiaz.






The Great Migration – Serengeti, Kenya



The annual event where millions of zebras, wildebeest, and gnu journey from Serengeti to Masai Mara is astonishing. Herds of brave rivers and ravines move toward the greener pastures. Visit between July till October to see this love action of nature.






Sulphur City – Rotorua, New Zealand


With geysers and thermal springs Rotorua is known for its spectacular waters and views. Soak your feel in the areas famous hot springs or bubbling mud pools, and take action in the water sports of the city that offers over 17 amazing lakes to enjoy.





Sun Kosi Rapids – Nepal


Having the highest peak in the world makes Nepal a must-visit for all adventure junkies. The snow-fed rivers range from children to grown-ups. Ride along the Sun Kosi rapids that begin from the Tibetan border and plunge into a mecca of water fun. Best time to head to Nepal is October and November to avoid the monsoon seas (from June till August).