By “Sideloading” and app on your Android phone or tablet, you are basically installing an app without downloading it directly from the Google Play Store. There are many reasons for sideloading an app on an Android, be it an unpublished app created by a friend being tested, or a popular app not available in the Play Store.



Sideloading an app is very simple on an Android. Here’s how you can sideload apps on your Android phone or tablet:


  1. You will start by first allowing the device to install app found outside of the Google Play Store. You will go into the system setting on the phone or tablet, and scroll into Security. In this, you will see an option called “Unknown Sources”. Check this box, and select OK. This will enable the installation of the apps.

  1. Now you will sideload the app by the manual method. In this, you download the APK files on the computer. These files are basically installation packages which can be found in the Play Store or the internet.


  1. Hook your phone or tablet to the computer with a syncing cable, or a Micro USB. Drag and drop file it into your phone’s storage. Remember where you are placing the apk file on your phone.

  1. Go into the Google Play Store, and download the file manager app. Open the file manager and find the APK you have stored on the phone. Tap on it to begin the install.


  1. You won’t need the computer to sideload the app but let your phone do the work. Press home and tap on All Apps icon. This will open an app drawer, where there will be a Downloads app. Select on this and find the apk file downloaded on it. Tap on it to start the installation.