For hunting or Thanksgiving, there may arise a need for a turkey call. A wild turkey communicates with one another by yelping, gobbling, purring, and making other sounds. For this reason, hunters try to make an instrument that can produce a similar sound as a turkey to lure in the turkey in their hunting positions. This device is called a turkey call. Although you can easily find turkey calls in crafts stores and online, the best way to go is making your own one.


This guide will give you an illustration on how to make a turkey call with a pill bottle.


Things you will need

  • Pill bottle
  • Sharpie
  • Razor blade
  • Hacksaw
  • Powder-free latex glove
  • Rubber band



  1. On the pill bottle’s lid, draw a semi circle as given in the picture below.


  1. With the razor blade, cut out the lid from the spot marked.


  1. With the hacksaw, cut off the bottom of the pill bottle.


  1. Make a reed out of the latex glove by cutting it around the fingers and then making a slit in the middle.


  1. Stretch the latex over the hole you have cut from the lid and wrap a rubber band around the bottle to hold it. Leave a gap from the bottom edge and latex so that you can make the sound.


  1. To use this turkey call, place it on your mouth and press the bottom lip on the edge of the half left, and press it next to your mouth. Make a chirp or a purr, and you will sound like a turkey!