As a woman grows older, she needs upgrades in her overall appearance to enhance her appearance and make her look youthful and decent together. No woman wants to look outdated but they do want to look graceful with age. The hair plays an eminent role in the overall appearance of an individual, and finding the right hairstyle for older women can be a daunting task, especially since their hair is thinning and graying. But look at elder celebrities, like Kim Besinger, Sharon Osborn, Helen Mirren, Madonna,  Sharon Stone, Susan Sarandon, and Kris Jenner, and see how they can carry short hair in this age and look like divas. With a few simple tricks of layers and snips, those fine hair can look thick and add to your mature and beautiful look.


Here is a list of the best short hairstyles for older women with fine hair:


Medium bob with layers

With added honey highlights, a stunning bob with discreet layers looks incredible on women older than 50. It is an easy hairdo to maintain and side swept bangs completes the hairstyle. The bob will be above the shoulders, but lower than the chin in length.


Short bob with layers

A short bob that reaches the jaw line or shorter can make fine hair look very thick, especially when layers are added to it.  Keep the layers brushed back to make it appear as feathers. You can also add a thin fringe to this hairstyle.


Straight bob

This is a classic look for all ages, and older women can carry this hairstyle with grace. Add some color like blonde subtle streaks to complete the look. You can even get a fringe with this hairstyle.


Bold and spiky pixie cut

You can see most elder celebrities carrying the pixie cut as it adds style and grace together. Keep the spikes up with a bit of wax, and sweep them to the front.


Sassy short hairstyle

Since the hair is fine and limp, most women opt to keep the hair short after they turn 50. The short hair cut enhances the facial features, and looks best with elder women that have an oval shape. Blow-dry to make the hair look thick.


Mid-length hairstyle with bangs

If you have to get their short but still can’t get over long hair, this hairstyle will best suit you. Add tons of layers to this hairstyle and keep the hair longer than the chin.


Soft curly short bob

Those women with curl and wavy hair can work with this sassy hairstyle that doesn’t need any styling appliances! Make this wash-and-go hairstyle your look to add youth and volume to your look.


Cropped hairstyle

This hairstyle tapers towards the neck with feathered layers to make the head of the hair look thicker.

Sculpted bob

Think The Devil Wears Prada, and you immediately remember Meryl Streep’s amazing hairdo in the movie. Add the bangs to it to make your look chic.