The National Look Up At The Sky Day is celebrated every year on April 14th. This is a day where a hope for good weather is made, where everyone looks to the skies and reflects the beauty above us. This includes the blue color of the sky, the fluffy white clouds, the sun, the birds flying and other nature’s beauty around us. At nighttime, the sky is filled with stars and a giant glorious moon. This day is all about enjoying and relaxing while finding the beauty in the skies above. This unofficial holiday has no origins known.

To celebrate Look Up At The Sky Day, you must:


  • Take time off anytime of the day on April 14th, and go outdoors. Look up to the sky and observe all you see.


  • Study all the different types of clouds and constellations a few days before the unofficial holiday. This will make your observation more interesting.


  • If it’s the evening, take a blanket out in the yard, and lay down on it. Gaze towards the sky and see how it changes with tie.


  • Observes the birds and planes soaring in the air to get motivated to travel.


  • Throw a party with your loved ones on the special day. With your family members or friends, play a game of who-spots-the-most-clouds or stars.