Pismo Beach is one of the many beautiful cities of California in the United States. It is popular amongst tourists and locals for its natural beauty, moderate temperatures throughout the year, and heart-warming residents. Many tourists hit this city to enjoy its beaches and entertainment. A great attraction for many is the permission to drive on some of the state beaches or alongside the ocean. To drive on Pismo beach, you will:


  • Select a right time. This should be early morning so that you miss the rush hours. During the noon time you will find many areas to drive around the beach as well.


  • Check the fitness of your car as it is not allowed to drive a car that emits smoke.


  • Let some air out of the car tires so that they can float on the sand.


  • Do not turn the wheels when driving on the beach as it makes the sand get stuck to tires.


  • Drive on the sticky patch of the road so that the car does not get stuck from the sand.


  • Use a 4WD for a smooth drive around the beach. Although a rear drive car can be used too, a front wheel drive car is best for beaches.