Arbor Day was founded by J. Sterling in 1872 in the state of Nebraska when he decided to set a day especially for planting trees. For the present times, this idea has become even more important. His main reasons for this celebration was making a day that focuses on a better future rather than a day that represents the past. Since then, Arbor day has been celebrated around the U.S. and many other countries on the last Friday of April (some dates may vary).


Since National Arbor Day is all about planting trees, the main way to celebrate this holiday is by planting a tree to protect the planet and to add to nature’s beauty around us. It is an opportunity for children and adults to bond together in planting a tree together, This teaches the powerful message of fundamental values of preserving the earth and its natural resources.


To celebrate this wonderful holiday, you should:


  • Plant a tree with your loved ones. After that, take a picture with it and share it around your social media networks.


  • Set the plant in a public area, or even your own garden.


  • Ask your friends to join you and the cause by setting out messages in civic or service groups to gather with you on this day and plant the tree together.


  • Share the importance of preserving paper and explain why recycling is vital.


  • Turn on some music, raise your flags and make the day memorable.


  • Take a hike with your friend or children to observe and appreciate nature.


  • Send out tree seeds or plants in your neighborhood to encourage others to help you plant a tree.