A brother’s marriage leave letter has t be submitted to take time off from work or college when your brother has decided to tie the knot. This letter basically requests the authority to grant them a day off to attend their brother’s wedding. The letter has to be formal, concise and professional, and inform when you will return to work after the leave.


The letter below is a sample of a brother’s marriage leave letter:


George Andrew

34 Park Lane, Main Highway Road,

Georgia, AT




Date: 6th June, 2012


Henry Carmen

HR Manager

SAS Construction Company,

974 Capital Territory,

Georgia, AT



Subject: Brother’s Marriage Leave Letter


Dear Mr. Carmen,

I write to inform you that my beloved brother is set to get married at the end of this month. The wedding dates are scheduled to be on 30th June, 2012, in San Juan, California. Due to the distance and pre-wedding festivities, I request to take time off from work from the 25th of June, till the 1st of July so that I may be able to attend the wedding without any difficulty. I would be grateful if you grants me this week off, and I will surely return to work by the 2nd of July and manage the work I missed.


I have told Allen Smith from the Finance Department to manage all important tasks in my absences and inform me if need be via telephone.


Thanking you I remain.


Yours Sincerely,

George Andrew

Finance Manager