If you have a large number of transactions a month, you may detect suspicious activity on your financial accounts as theft is most common on accounts with such transactions. Large amount of money flowing in and out of your account can conceal any reduced amount in your accounts. To keep a watch on your financial accounts, you must follow the steps below:


Keep Account of Your Accounts

You should be fully aware about the amount of expenses you have made in the recent months, and compare that with the financial statements the bank sends you. This way you will be able to see any discrepancy on your financial accounts.

Hire an Accountant

With any ongoing activities, hire a competent person to calculate your accounts. They will scrutinize your accounts carefully to ensure if your suspicions are correct.


Check the Transactions

Tally each of the transaction regularly to keep an eye on the accountant as well. The account keeper will stay vigilant and alert as well.


Contact the Bank

You should immediately call the bank and inform them about an identity theft or mysterious transaction from your accounts. Early detection aids in recovering of the credit by the bank as well.