A formal letter may appear to be a continuous letter, but it is actually divided into a sections and subsections. These are outlined so that the letter can convey the message for effectively and strongly to the reader.

With the simple rules of following the 3 main sections in any formal letter, you can make your letter appear more professional. Follow these rules in drawing out the 3 main sections of a formal effectively:


Opening Paragraph

This is the first paragraph where you will introduce yourself, and the purpose of your writing the letter. This will give a brief background about yourself and your company, and why you are writing the letter. The opening of a letter is the “make or break” point of your reason for writing, so focus on this paragraph the most.


Main Body

In the body of the letter, you have to give full details about the reason of writing this letter. Readers usually read this paragraph less, but it still needs to clearly write about your points. You must keep it brief as everyone does not have the time to read long essays. The main body should have not more than two paragraphs, unless you have technical details to add.



The ending or the conclusion of a letter should add the mentioned information from the body of the letter but in a brief form. You will place your details here, like contact details, for further communication.