During the early months of the year, a time will come when federal and state income tax have to be handed over. Every country has a government at different levels, like local, state, or national levels. In these governments, there are further parts, such as legislators, judges, executives, etc. Taxes are taken from the public by the government to pay these workers of the government so that they can perform their jobs. Taxes are paid in different forms, like income taxes, pay sales tax, and property taxes. No matter what type of tax, it is considered a moral and civic duty and a part of the law. Some of the taxes are also used for the development of the public goods of the country, like roads, street lights, public transportation, etc. The government institute which collects and overseas taxes is called the International Revenue Service or IRS. This agency requires the payments of taxes, which when not done, will enforce penalties on the debtors, like going to jail or being fined.


IRS Payments Online

To make payments to the IRS and avoid underpayment penalties, you should promptly make your IRS payments. For customer convenience, the IRS has offered different ways of payments, in which making online payments is the simplest. You just need a computer to make your payment by sitting in the comfort of your homes. You can make your IRS payment online by following these steps:



  1. Visit the IRS main website to find the link for direct payment, or click here https://www.irs.gov/payments


  1. You will immediately see a blue arrow offering you to make the IRS direct payment. Select this button.


  1. You will be redirected to a page where you have to select on the option “Make a Payment”. Remember that payments can be done online to the IRS from Monday to Saturday during the time of midnight to 11:45 p.m. ET. On Sundays, you can make the payment between 7 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. ET.


  1. Fill out the questions asked by the page you are directed to.


  1. Verify your identity after the questions have been answered on the next page.


  1. You will be asked to confirm your further information and mode of payment.


  1. Once you have all the details provided, your payment will then be processed with the IRS. Take a print of the confirmation number sent to you for record.


Make your payment to the IRS before mid-April so that you are safe from the payment deadline. You can request for an automatic extension of payment time to the IRS by following the instructions provided for it online. One method is by an online payment agreement to pay the tax liability in some extra time. There will be an IRS.gov tool to set a direct debit installment agreement. If your debt is larger than you can pay, make an offer to compromise to settle for a less than full amount that you owe the IRS. This will aid in avoiding a financial hardship. In short, whatever the reason, remember to make your payment of tax to the IRS on time. The IRS will be willing to work with you if you are struggling in finances.



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