Every gamer knows the excitement and impact a joystick can have on the gaming experience. While gaming can be done with other hardware items, the thrill of a joystick is at a level of its own and your game can be better with it. This is because a joystick is specifically designed for the purpose of games and it is thus, more convenient than playing with a mouse and keyboard. However, most users are beguiled on how to calibrate a joystick on windows, and for that, we have set this guide below.



If you want to connect a joystick to your computer, the correct way is to calibrate the input device. With Windows on the computer, Microsoft will aid you quite easily as it provides a tool for the users in the operating system for an easy calibration process. Therefore, the task is very simple and not as daunting as you may have imagined.


You can make your gaming experience better and take it up a level or more with a joystick wrapped around your hand. Follow these steps to learn how to calibrate a joystick in Windows correctly:


  1. Connect the joystick correctly to the computer and turn on your computer system.


  1. Click on “My Computer” or the Start Menu on your desktop to locate the Control Panel. Open the Control Panel.


  1. In the Control Panel, you will see “Game Controllers” as an icon option. Double click on Game Controllers.


  1. A list will open with the name of your joystick included within it. If it doesn’t appear in the window, click on “Add..” and select your joystick type. If it still doesn’t appear, you will have to reconnect the game controller or joystick to the computer.

How to Calibrate a Joystick

  1. When the joystick has been connected, click on “Properties”.  You will hold down “Shift” and “Ctrl” keys, and click on “Properties” while holding them.


  1. You will then select the “Test” icon here and follow the directions given to check if the joystick is working properly.

How to Calibrate a Joystick

  1. If you need to calibrate the controller or joystick, select “Settings” from the “Test” page, and click on “Calibrate”. Then, click on Next.
  2. Click on the joystick button that comes under your thumb’s left.
  3. You will be provided with directions from the Device Calibration Wizard. Follow these. instructions, and choose “Display Raw Data” to swing the left thumbstick around the window for proper testing. Touch all four corners of the box, and when you are fully satisfied, click on OK. The calibration installation will take a few minutes or less, and when done, select on “Finish”.
  4. Your joystick has now successfully been calibrated to the Windows on your computer. Test the calibration in the Settings option (by selecting the “Test” tab) and you will be able to use your joystick around to make movements of the cursor on the screen. Make any changes you wish to on the axis or rotation in this test settings window.


When satisfied, go ahead and start your game.  Sit back and  begin playing your game. Happy Gaming!


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