How to Make Valentine Day Boxes


The Victorian era personifies romance like none other. For this very reason, it can be an essential collaboration in the form of cards for Valentine’s day – the biggest day of the year that displays nothing but wonderful anecdotes revolving around the expression of love. The Victorians were actually the ones to raise Valentine’s day cards and crafts into art forms and they created hearts, flowers, cherubs and cupids as depictions of love and romance for this special day. To celebrate young love and the eternal hope for perfectly coupled matches made in heaven, the Victorian excess were brought into Valentine designs.


They encrypted secret messages of love, like discrete kisses, seductive women, and romantic gestures into their images. The Valentine designs showed cuter children and infants, glamorous women, and floral designs with hearts in elaborate cards that had gold gilt, crepe paper fringes, and tissue honeycomb inserts. The cupid was the most popular part of these Victoria cards, with a chubby child that had wings and a bow and arrow being an heirloom. The cupid depicted an inspiration of love with one of its single shot at its target lover. Doves were also a great part of the Valentine’s day symbols on these cards.


Since in this day and time, pre-packaged chocolates and similar looking flower bouquets round every corner on Valentine’s day, creating a Valentine craft can be a true treasure for the loved one you send it out to. Revive the old Victorian spirit and bring out romance by creating a vintage Valentine’s day box with Victorian cards with the help of this very simple guide. Express your love with a handmade Valentine’s day box made with Victorian cards to win that someone special in your life over!


You can learn how to make Valentine’s day boxes with Victorian cards with the instructions below. Add your own creativity to make your box more personalized.

Things needed

  • Shoe box
  • Printed online Victorian cards
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Double sided tape
  • Pieces of lace
  • Glazed colored wrapping paper
  • Other pieces of decorations – like beads, pearls, stones, flowers, etc.




  1. Cover the shoe box with any colored wrapping paper. Use the double-sided tape to cover the bottom and the lid.


  1. Print out various Victorian cards that personify loved messages or images on it. Cut them out from the sides separately.

  1. Apply glue to the back of the card and paste it on top of the lid of the box. Add more images around the sides.


  1. Add more decorating items like lace and pearls to the box.


  1. Set your gift in the box or a love letter for your Valentine.





You can think of thousands of ways to decorate the Valentine’s Day box made out of Victorian cards by collecting items that represent that famous era of history. Add hearts, doves, laces, pearls and glitter and present your gift in the box in the most romantic and exquisite way to make your loved feel special on this joyous day. Have a great and loved Valentine’s Day with your special one with this unique idea!





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