Festivals form a major part of the family lives, as it creates the opportunity to get together for an important aspect. A festival can be religious, spiritual, or a celebration of a social event of a particular community. Either way, a person needs to take time off from work to attend the festival. In order to get a holiday from work, you need to write a Festival leave letter to your boss, to inform them on your absence on those particular days.


Below is a sample on a festival leave letter:


Richard Moore

Head of Management

Hindley Firm

645 Company Ave.

New York, NY


Yasmin Khan

Assistant Finance Manager


Date: 4th April, 2002


Subject: Festival Leave


Dear Mr. Moore,


As discussed earlier with you today, I would like to request for a leave of 2 days to attend my religious festival of Eid with my family members in Houston, Texas. Eid will be celebrated by Muslims throughout the world on 15th-16th April, and these days, I will need to travel to see my parents and celebrate the day with them.


Eid is a religious observance of Muslims and is celebrated amongst all family and friends, where we join together in prayer and festivities. It is an opportunity to get together for us all after a long time. Therefore, I request a break from work on the given dates. I will be in touch with Hugh from the Finance Department and can be reached on phone at (353)-766-8723 or on email at yk@hindley.com for any questions during my leave.


I will be joining back on the 17th of April if you approve my request.




Yasmin Khan