Great Hairstylist

Your hair is your key asset of your overall appearance. Your hairstyle is the most striking and noticeable feature you carry wherever you go. A good haircut will give you a neat and prepped look, and mostly, you can just wash-and-go with a fresh haircut. This is why, it is vital to keep your hair properly cut and groomed in the correct way. For this reason, searching for an eminent hairstylist is necessary.

A great hairstylist will make or break your overall look, so it is never a good idea to step into a salon without any knowledge about the hairdresser there. Most people stick to one hairstylist for years because they can’t take the risk of ending up with a bad hair day. But when this stylist goes away, or you move to a new city, the question is: how do you find a great hairstylist?


To solve your problem, we have narrowed down the best ways to find your perfect match hairstylist. Follow these simple 4 steps to find you the best stylist in town:


  1. Referral:

Hair salons and hairstylists advertisements will not appear on television, so ask around from people you know about their experiences when it comes to a haircut. Check which places they put on their best list and which salons should be avoided. Every person gets a haircut, so you are bound to receive feedback from people around you. Ask the people with good haircuts about their stylist, so keep your eyes open when you step out to find those with the best groomed hair.


  1. Google:

God bless the advent of the Internet and Google for aiding us in every possible problem – one being: getting a good haircut! Google different hair salons around your residence and read reviews on them from clients who have been to that place. You can also go through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter or chat forums to see what people are saying about a hairstylist.


  1. Inquire:

Visit the salon you have selected from online searches or friend referrals, and ask about the products they use and check out their stocks. You can even go around  to see the work the hairdressers are performing on a client. Sit back and observe to make your own judgment about the salon. Certain places may be using low-quality products which can harm your hair, and you will know that this place is off your list. But some places may also be using great products and have low-experienced hairstylists.


  1. Consultation:

Set an appointment with the main hairstylist in the salon in advance and discuss the services they offer. Ask about the years of experience they have and any certifications the have taken for mastering their skills. By speaking to them, you will gain more confidence in your decision and choose smartly.

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Follow your intuition next, and book your appointment! Keep the first visit on something small, like a trim or hair dye. Take baby steps and gradually, you will be booking an appointment for an intense styling session soon.


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