A pinwheel is a small and simple toy for children, which is made as a wheel out of paper or plastic curled from the edges and attached to a stick from the axle with a pin. It is designed in a way that it spins like a fan when blown over it with a person or by wind.


Making colorful pinwheels out of origami sheets or lightweight paper can be a fun project to do with your children. Follow these instructions to learn how to make a paper pinwheel with your children.


Things you will need

  • Square, lightweight paper (or origami paper)
  • Glue
  • Small bead
  • Push pin or fastener
  • Dowel or skewer
  • Scissors
  • Spray mount



  1. Cut the dowel or the skewer to a length of your desire, ensuring you remove the pointed end of a skewer. Paint it to your desired color and let it dry.


  1. Choose a paper of your choice and cut it in dimensions of 7″ by 7″, making it into a square. Take another paper in a different color and cut in the same dimensions and shape.

  1. With the spray mount, glue the squares to one another. Fold the glued squares diagonally and then half again. Unfold them then to form creases on the paper.

  1. Cut along the creases you have made, and cut it two-thirds of the way to the center of the square. This will divide the each corner to two points. Bring each point to the center so it overlaps.

  1. Hold the four overlapped pieces and poke a pin through its center. Remove the pin, still holding the folded paper, and insert the push pin or fastener in the hole.

  1. Thread the bead on the pin behind the wheel and poke the pin in the dowel half an inch from the top.

  1. Your pinwheel is complete! Blow into it to let it spin.