An aerator in a faucet allows the air to enter so that water pressure can be increased. But with the passage of time, dirt and grime can cling to the aerator and make it clogged, lowering the water pressure in your sink. To unclog it, you will remove the faucet and clean all the parts. But it is the reassembling which can be a bit tricky.


If you happen to have a Moen faucet aerator, you can very easily reassemble the entire thing by following these steps:


Things you will need

  • Duct or masking tape
  • Aerator pieces
  • Hand towel
  • Pliers



  1. Gather all the piece together, and line them up in front of you – the metal screen, the plastic screen, the small piece that mixes air in the faucet, and the rubber washer. Dry all these parts with the towel.


  1. You will begin with the metal piece first. Build on the aerator cap that screws on the faucet. Hold this part in your left hand and insert the metal screen within it. Push it to the bottom to make the screen appear at the bottom of the cap.


  1. Next, you will use the piece made of plastic that puts air in the water. Fit this piece in Make it face the right side up by keeping the air-water piece pointing to the flow of the water.


  1. Add the rubber washer. This has to be done the right way up so that no water leaks and it should not be so tight that aerator does not function.


  1. Fit the faucet back which you have reassembled on the sink with a pair of pliers.


  1. Turn the faucet on to check for any leaks.