It is in our teenage years when we try to stand out in the crowd and look our best. With proms and parties happening ahead into the summer, the hairdos needed for these events can be confusing. Hairstyles for formal events must collaborate with the hair type and face shape. It also depends on the time of the event and what type of event it is to make a choice in the right hairstyle.




Here is a list of formal party hairstyle for teens that you can get inspired from for your upcoming event:


Messy Side Bun

With loose and dangling flocks in style these days, simply wrap them up on the side and create this classy hairstyle with a bun. You just have to gather your wavy hair to one side with a hair parting and make a messy and loose bun near the ear. If your hair is straight, curl your hair a bit and make this hairdo. It looks excellent on proms and formal parties.


Loose Curls Half-Up-Half-Down

A cute and chic look can be draw out with loose waves or curls by making your hair this way. Simply create a puff on the crown of your head and take all the hair between the ears. Secure these with  bobby pins. Make sections of the remaining hair and add curls to them. Don’t forget to hairspray over the curls in the end.


Dead Straight

For formal evening events, nothing will look more elegant than simple straight hair. Apply a heat protectant to the hair evenly and straighten them with a ceramic flat iron. Ask your friends to help you out to make them dead straight form the back a swell. Apply hair serum in the end to add shine to your tresses.


Simple Low Bun

This style will never go out of style, and looks sophisticated on all ages. This must be carried by tall women especially on their proms. Straighten the hair, and grab them all around the nape of the neck. Form a loose ponytail, and make a loose bun out of it. Secure with bobby pins and add a hair accessory to make it pop out.


Messy Short Ponytail

Ideal for teenagers to look their young selves, ponytails look super cute on any event. Make it slightly messy to complete this look.


Curls and Waves

Style your long or short hair with the latest beach waves or curls when you hit the next party. wash your hair and make them into a braid when you go to bed. They will be transformed into loose wave when you open the braid in the morning. You can add tight curls to it with a curling rod and some mouse.


Sleek Side Ponytail

You will look like the cute girl-next-door with this simple look. Make a side partition and app some hair serum to your locks. Straighten your hair flat and gather them to a side to make them into a ponytail. Secure with a band and bobby pins.


Fringed Ponytail

Check out how sexy and classy Taylor Swift looks with this hairdo, and make this your prom look.


Tight Knit Side Braid

It was actually after Frozen that braids looked even more cuter on young girls. Make a French braid like princess Else, or add a partition to the hair and make a side braid to go with a formal evening dress.


Simple Chic Ponytail

Get back to the school-girl look and make a simple ponytail to look like a diva in a formal dress. Comb your hair with a fine-toothed comb and ensure your hair is all gathered in your hand. Make a high ponytails and secure with a hair elastic. Take a thin section from the bunch and wrap it around the ponytail and then secure it with a bobby pin.