When I hear different people say “we don’t see any dreams at night”, I always wonder how dull their life actually is. This is because dreams allow you to revisit the past, see those who have passed away, see a better future, and reflect your hopes for the future. Dreaming can have a powerful effect on our life when we are awake as they give hopes of a better life. They can leave the dreamer with a positive attitude and understand their inner most needs for which they can strive to gain when they begin living their lives when they are awake. But I am then asked about how to make yourself dream at night, and my answer is given in the list below.


For those who actually sleep a dreamless night, there are several ways to follow to make yourself dream at night:


  1. Darken the room fully when going to sleep. With a dark room, the melatonin in your body will boost a dream recall. Keep your room so dark that when you close your eyes and open them, you see the same black space.

how to make yourself dream at night

  1. Do not eat before going to sleep as discomfort or getting up for the washroom will lead to a sleepless and dreamless night.

how to make yourself dream at night

  1. Keep your cell phone and television away at night when going to bed. Screening and the lights emitted from these devices can disrupt thoughts and dreams to come at night. Put these away at least 30 minutes before lying in your bed.

  1. If you sleep too tired, chances are you do dream at night but you can’t remember your dream in the morning as you slept exhaustively. Sleep early at night to encourage your dreams to stay in your mind when you wake up. Have an early dinner, and sleep two hours after it.

  1. Avoid taking sleeping pills to fall asleep as they create hurdles for dreams. You should also avoid taking caffeine, soft drinks, alcohol, and other caffeinated drinks so that you can sleep with pleasant dreams at night.

  1. Sleep on a comfortable bed at night and set the room temperature to a cozy setting. Try to read a book before going to bed so that your mind is light and has happy thoughts when sleeping. Make sure you have a soft pillow to sleep on to give you that extra comfort.

  1. If you see negative dreams, you are sleeping with some pressure or stress on your mind. Do not dwell on stresses of life when going to bed. Have regular exercises to reduce stress levels. Do not exercise near bedtime as that can keep you awake at night. Go for a walk daily or jog to relax yourself. Make exercise a part of your daily routine.

  1. Consume foods with melatonin in them. Melatonin is a hormone which aids in sleeping and dreaming well. It is found in plants and animals, and is a very powerful antioxidant. Some melatonin-rich foods include: oats, bananas, tomatoes, rice, almonds, cherries, sunflower seeds, white mustard, and black mustard. You can also have a warm cup of milk before sleeping to let you fall asleep.

  1. Meditation before falling asleep can help in having lucid dreams, or dreams that you can control. Meditation lets the mind get free from negativity and makes one fall asleep restfully. Meditation can be done in the form of yoga or getting a massage. The purpose is to gain comfort of the nerves before falling asleep.

  1. Place roses or scented candles or oils around the bedroom before you go to bed. Sleeping in scents has been scientifically proven to allow women to dream more pleasant dreams at night. It also is a great experience sleeping with nice auras around you!


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