Everyone wants to look their best at a wedding. From the adults to the kids, the wedding is a formal event where everyone wants to wear the right ensemble, and a good hairstyle is needed to match it. Children in formal clothes look extra cute, and with the perfect hairstyle, their look will be complete. Depending on the dress code and site of the wedding, a child can carry a hairstyle just like the adults do and become picture-perfect.

Below is a look on different hairstyles to gain inspiration from for your kids at a wedding:


Wedding Hairstyles for Girls


  • Buns are updos that can be changed in different ways. From French knots to tight chignons, buns can be made for young girls with long hair. Add curls with curling irons or rollers to give a younger look. Apply flowers around it, or glitter. Make a vintage bun with the milk maid bun and braid with flowers in it.


  • Ponytails are simple and can be made formal by adding curls to the hair with a rod. Add a large bow around the pony holder or flowers. Tie a large number f ribbons to the pony holder to make a funky look to the ponytail. A tiara worn with the ponytail will make a girl look like a small princess.


  • Braids are also formal hairdos for girls that can be made with the entire hair or half of it. Remember to add curls to the half-braided hairstyle. Sprinkle with glitter dust or add small pearls around each twist of the braid.


  • Curls look cute on young girls. You can add colored hair extensions with a large ribbon on to, or part the hair from the side with a pin and flower. Placing a formal gemmed hairband will create a formal look.


  • Straightened hair with a hair straightener looks glamorous too. Place a side part to it and add a floral headband.


  • Half updos are when half of the hair is tied up, while half of the hair is left over the shoulders. Make a small bun with the top half or a ponytail. Curl or straighten the remaining half. Add a tiara or flower garland to make your girl look beautiful. You can also make twists at the sides of the hair and add a flower with it.


Wedding Hairstyles for Boys


  • Get the boy’s haircut at least 3 days before the wedding to make their cut neat.


  • Add a hat to make a dramatic look for the child.


  • Pull back hair with gels and wax with a comb to give a somber look.


  • Make spikes with hair gel to bring out the naughty side of the boy.