Gone are the times when we would clutter our tables with large stereos as all your music is now stored on your smartphone. Smartphones come with large storage and music applications that are pre-installed for users to keep their complete music collection within their pockets wherever they go. Different apps are available on the Play Store for users to stream websites and popular music.


For music lovers, turning up the volume when listening to their favorite songs is important when they are enjoying their free time. To improve the quality of music on an android phone, you can apply several methods.


  1. Connect your Android to an internet connectivity. Turn on the Play Store application on the Android and browse through the apps available.


  1. Search for Player Pro in the Store. This is an application which carries many features to improve the quality of music played on your Android. Install the app, and then run it.


  1. From the main screen, browse through the songs in the playlists or folders. Tap on the menu key, and select the ‘Sound Effects’ option here. This will lead you to an equalizer window, where you can choose presets, bass, sound effects, course volume, and visualize settings. Tap on the ‘On/Off’ button after choosing your settings.


  1. You can also download the app DSP Manager from the Play Store. This lets a user tweak the bass and equalizer.