Your garage door is a very important part of your house. For a properly functioning garage door, it is important that you keep on maintaining it from time to time. But, it is also a fact that some of the parts of a garage bound to get faulty when used for a longer period of time.

A broken spring is the most common issue of a garage door. Its main job is to support all the weight of the door. So, when a spring gets broken, it is not even recommended to open the garage door. But…. obviously, this is practically impossible. You have got lots of things inside your garage. Apart from the car, many people have their whole organization system set up inside their garages. So in such a case, you have to open the garage, and you can do that too. The only thing is that you have to be really careful while doing that.

This is how you can raise a garage door with a broken spring.

Things You Need

  • 2 ladders, should not be less than 6 foot in height
  • Mole wrench – 2 pairs
  • Pries bar – 2 pieces

The Actual Process

Before you start with the actual process, keep in mind that you need an extra helping hand with you as well.


Step 1

Place each ladder on the sides of the garage. The ladders should be placed in a way that you and your helper can get hold of them when the roller is completely opened.

Step 2

Now both of you should get hold of the pry bars and insert them at each side together. Use the pry bar to move the garage door. Remember that in the beginning, it will be a bit difficult to move it initially.

Step 3

Once you have opened the garage up a bit, use the mole wrenches to clamp both ends of the roller.

Step 4

Use your hands to further lift up the garage door. You can also place the ladders beneath the door at this point.

Step 5

Once you have opened it up, get your stuff out and replace the spring as soon as possible.