Being the capital of Canada, there is no doubt that the city of Ottawa is a well-developed and rich community to live in. It is the grandeur of Canada, as it is rich in historical and Victorian architecture, with gorgeous churches, museums, shopping malls, parks, and rivers. There is plenty to do in this city if you head out for a trip to Ottawa.


If you are searching for the best shopping malls in the vicinity, here is a list of the malls that should be visited during your stay:


  • Bayshore Shopping Center

This is the largest mall in Ottawa western end, and it provides the best shopping experience for everyone. It has over 165 fashion boutiques with over 7 million people visiting it a year.


  • Rideau Center

This four-level shopping center is loved by the local and tourists. It carries some of the major fashion brands,



  • St. Laurent Center

This shopping mall is at the east side of the city, and it has a large variety of stores and restaurants. It can be visited by taking the 417 highway.



  • Carlingwood Mall

This mall is located at the center of the city. It gas many food courts, electronic stores and department stores. It is ideal for the everyday shoppers.


  • Place d’Orleans

This mall is a must-visit if you are in the city because of its amazing architecture. The shopping is equally fun with all the popular stores lined in it.