Cats are adorable furry pets, but they can make havoc in your home if they enjoy scratching furniture. The problems is cats love using their claws and they enjoy rubbing their hands over neat surfaces. Felines do not scratch furniture to destroy it, but in fact, they do it to shed the old layers of their nails so that new ones emerge (kind of like how women file their nails). To make the cat stop from doing this, you need to train them on not scratching the furniture.




Step 1

Observe what type of surface your cat enjoys scratching. Usually, they enjoy wood or nubby materials of furniture.



Step 2

Buy a scratch post for the cat from a pet store. Choose one with a texture that matches the furniture the cat is scratching over. Place this post near you cat so that she has the urge to use it for scratching.



Step 3

If the cat continues to go to the same place for scratching, stop her immediately by clapping your hands and scolding her. If she does not listen, use a spray bottle with water to remove her from the area. Pick her up and place her next to the scratching post.



Step 4

When she scratches the post, reward her with a treat to encourage her. This act thrives positive and good behavior in pets. Praise the cat and giver her a cat treat. You can also give catnip.




Step 5

If the cat refuses to listen to you, spray a citrus or menthol on the furniture she enjoys scratching. You can also cover that area with foil, sand paper, or tape to change the texture she is enjoying rubbing her nails over. Distract the cat with other things to do, like offer toys or boxes, and trim her nails.