What Should Babies Wear to SwimFor first time parents, every experience with their infant is an adventure. Be it the baby’s first trip to another city, their first play date, or their attempt at the pool – every step is a beginning to a future of fun and happiness. But usually, some of these first-time expeditions can look daunting… like taking a baby for their first swim! Questions like how will they float or what should they wear will flog your mind. But don’t worry! We have here a list down for the most essential elements the baby will need for their first time at the pool and all the things they need to wear. Use this guide and simple tutorial to learn what should babies wear to swim for their very first time at the pool.



Packing Your Baby Swim Bag:


  • Nappies and Swim Nappies

A baby should wear a swim nappy in public pools instead of diapers. Regular nappies or diapers tend to swell up in water and burst. For this reason, swim nappies are opted as they can retain the solids from releasing outside and won’t absorb liquid. There are disposable swim pants as well that are used only once but these are not environmental friendly. Swim nappies are available in the forms of pull-ons, popper pull-ons, and other types. These can be washed after the swim, and then be reused. Huggies® Little Swimmers® is the most famous swim nappies available.

What Should Babies Wear to Swim


  • Baby Swimwear

Every pool will emphasize on the baby wearing a swim nappy, but you can place any swimsuit of your choice on top of that to make the baby look extra cute! There are different baby swimsuits, including wet suits or bikinis too, available in baby clothing stores during the summers. Wet suits will however, allow the baby to remain slightly warmer in the cold water, as they are made of neoprene, which traps a layer of warm water on the baby’s skin to keep them comfortable in the swimming pool.


  • Baby Swimming Accessories

Take a baby swimming aid or an inflatable tube for the baby, like armbands, floatation vests, rubber rings, and inflatable seats. This will aid them from unnecessary dips in the pool.


  • Baby Personal Care Items

Pack wet wipes for diaper changes, and a baby sunscreen. Keep at least 2 towels to wrap the baby in when they leave the pool. Preferably, hooded towels work best as they warm the head after the swim. The water is quite cold for the baby and they will need the warmth after the swim. You can also pack a favorite toy of the baby for their comfort and reassurance. This will soothe the baby from any fear they may gain from new people or water. Pack any lotions, baby creams, and baby hair brush for use after their swimming session.


  • Baby Clothes

Take a pair of warm clothes for after the swim as the baby will be a bit cold from the pool. Keep a hat to make their heads warm too. Keep their socks and a light blanket if they feel chilly.


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