Customer appreciation letters are a form of formal business notes used to strengthen an established professional relationship between a company and its customer. The reason behind sending an appreciation letter is to notify your valuable customer that you have recognized them as a loyal customer, or if they are first-time customer, it is used as a way to appreciate their benefit to your company. Therefore, this letter maintains a positive affiliation between your company and customers. It also generates more customers through word of mouth.


To express your gratitude to a loyal employer, here is how you can write a letter and appreciate their good services with your business.


  • Appreciate the customer for their patronage over the time.
  • The letter should be full of nothing but warm words.
  • The letter should be precise and brief, and primarily focused upon the customer.
  • Thank the customers clearly.

Below is a sample of a customer appreciation letter:




Hubert Roosevelt

1256, South Norwegian Apartments



Date: 16th August, 2010



Stanley Garfield

Customer Relationship Officer

E&Z Associates



Subject: Letter of Appreciation


Dear Mr. Roosevelt,


It has been a great pleasure to have an excellent customer like you with E&Z Associates for the past 3 years. We would like you to know that we truly value your prompt payments and interest in our services.


Our team members appreciate your kindness and each of us respects you from the bottom of our hearts. Although you are a regular client, we would like to ask if there are any needs of improvement in our services so that we can help make a richer bond between us.

As a thank-you gesture, we are giving out a small discount coupon of 50% on your next service with us. We wish to continue working with you.


Thanking you,


Yours Sincerely,


Stanley Garfield