If you plan on being a pirate or Zorro this Halloween, you will be in need of nice sword in your hand. You may find plastic toy swords at Toys ‘R’ Us, but if you want your costume to stand out, why not try making a more genuine and ‘real’ looking fake sword? The only thing you will need for it will be steel, and then, you can follow these steps to creating one:


  • Grab your hands on a piece of a steel pipe.


  • With a permanent marker, mark a spot that is 7-inches from the bottom of the steel pipe. This is where the handle of the store will be placed.


  • Use duct tape in a bold color to make the handle of the sword. Tape it around the region that has been marked.


  • On a heated stove, hold the pipe from the handle you just made, and heat the top part. Now hammer the tip of the pipe to make it into a swords flat shape.

COPYRIGHT Jeffrey Friedl

  • Let the pipe cool then. Now use sandpaper to sharpen the tip.


Swoosh!…………. You have made yourself an artificial but very real looking sword!